Benefice news

Nicholson’s of Worcester have been to inspect the three pipe organs we have in the Benefice – Broughton, Sibford and Swalcliffe. This firm is now going to take over the care and tuning of the instruments.

If you fancy a Grand Day Out on Thursday April 23rd, St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s birthday, then please do join in the trip to visit Worcester College gardens – the largest and finest college gardens in Oxford - enjoy some lunch at a suitable restaurant, and then have a guided tour of the Cathedral from 2pm. We’ll park and ride, but otherwise All For Free. Please let Ronald know if you’d like to join in. Everyone’s welcome whether or not you’re a worshipper.

Would you like to find some Peace and Quiet? You are welcome to join in a Quiet Day being held in Bloxham Church on Saturday March 7th from 10am to about 4pm. It is being led by Hilary Campbell from Cropredy, and will include silence, stillness and reflection as well as wandering, work with words, and refreshments.

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