What a lot of people have come to church over the Christmas period

The traditional Carol Services attracted probably in excess of 300 people between them. Enormous thanks to Jim Wilson, the Benefice Choir, and the Organists for all that they provided musically; and to those who read the familiar Christmas words to us.

St Nicholas’ story was told in both Tadmarton and Epwell, stockings and gold coins, colouring books and crayons, oranges and sweets all distributed; again grateful thanks to the providers of brilliant refreshments.

There were Christingles in both Shutford and Sibford and how good to see so many families and children enjoying candles, and sweets and the Crib Scene.

We told the Innkeeper’s Story in Swalcliffe and enjoyed a full church and a great story; likewise the Crib Service in Broughton was packed and jolly.

We had peace and candlelight at Carols by Candlelight in Shutford, and at Carols Round the Tree in Epwell.

And our Christmas morning services were well attended and cheerful.

The churches, the flowers, the Christmas Trees have all looked really spectacular and I am so grateful to you florists and arboreoculturalists ... and to the generous donors of the trees.

I have had a lovely time! And I really do believe that a great many people put Christ into their Christmas celebrations.

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