New beginnings

What has September in store for us as far as the weather is concerned I wonder? Glorious sunsets like this maybe, or early autumn mist and rain?

For many young people autumn is a time of new beginnings: off to school, or to a new class, or maybe starting college or university. Please pray for our young people as they face all sorts of opportunities and challenges.

And what about we older folk? We’re never too old to start something new. Maybe a new hobby, or class; perhaps U3A? Some get fit/keep fit?

New beginnings are a feature of Christianity too. Each day we have can be a fresh start with God; we can be assured of his continuing love and forgiveness, and each day we can invite the power of the Holy Spirit into our lives, to help us make the best of opportunities, relationships, challenges, every aspect of life.

New beginnings means that there probably will be change. I don’t know about you other rut-dwellers, but I find change difficult and unsettling. It’s when I’m faced with the challenge of doing things differently that I need to remember the changeless nature of God as well as the power he gives us to adapt and do things differently. I need to trust God.

So whatever this autumn brings, rejoice that you’re in it; trust God to lead you through it; ask him to give you courage to deal with whatever life brings; and remember that he is with you every step of the way.

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