Stop the world, I want to get off

Stop the world, I want to get off is a musical with music and lyrics by Newley and Levant, and is also a song by the Arctic Monkeys!

More importantly I guess it’s how we all feel from time to time, when things, expectations, schedules, demands seem to get on top of us.

We hear a lot at the moment about mental health, particularly of younger people, and how many people suffer from stress. Hands up those in this benefice who are “on the pills”. Whatever is going on that normal life (whatever normal might be) takes such a toll on us that we cannot easily cope.

So let’s stop the world — for an hour or two at least. It’s you and me who have to actually DO something to make it stop; it’s no good wringing our hands and wishing — we have to take positive steps to create those times of peace and quiet, those moments of calm, those times of mental and spiritual refreshment; they don’t just happen.

Some of the pressure comes from

  • Screens. Whatever the size, from the neatest smartphone to the 50 inch tv, screens dominate our lives – if we let them. Find the OFF switch and activate it , certainly at every mealtime and when you go to bed.
  • Sloth. We all need and benefit from exercise. And it’s FREE. Even a ten minute walk up and down the road will be of enormous benefit mentally and spiritually. Just look at the countryside where we live — why not see some of it up close and personal rather than through a car window. Walk to school!
  • Withering mentally. We need stimulation. Liz has suggested some books you might read. There are local Choral Societies and the Benefice Choir. Join the Sibford Society. Find U3A. Read a book. Switch off the TV.
  • Noise. Noise is what we hear and also all the information and fuss that bombards us visually. We need space, times of quiet, when we can sit and simply “be”, breathe deeply, clam down, let go of the worries. Some people call it meditation, others prayer. Find somewhere free from noise and sit and be really still. Commune with nature. Talk to God.

See if you can find time the Lent to stop the world just a bit.

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