June 9th marks the celebration of Pentecost. This used to be called Whit Sunday, and is often said to be "the Church's birthday". It commemorates the occasion on which the Disciples of Jesus, who had waited in a degree of confusion and uncertainty after Jesus' death and resurrection, were anointed with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit appeared on each Disciples looking like a tongue of flame, and this was accompanied by the sound of "a mighty rushing wind". Straightaway the Disciples were filled with boldness, and were able to talk about Jesus to people from throughout the known world in their own language.

It's a tremendous story.

The Church was born out of uncertainty, and launched in a spirit of boldness.

It came from a place where the believers were afraid and inward-looking, and turned bravely outwards to the rest of the world.

It met people where they were, and spoke to them in a language they could understand.

God-fearing people today, believers, Christians, still have that same duty; to meet people where they are, to talk to them in a language they understand, and to tell them the Good News that God loves them, that Jesus died to set them free from their sins, and that the Holy Spirit can and will fill them with boldness and courage if they do but let him.

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