Swalcliffe Friday 28 March 2014
Plans to create a toilet and kitchen inside the church continue to develop, and we have had a number of archaeologists, topographical surveyors and ... read more
Broughton Monday 24 February 2014
There will be a “Sausage and mash” supper in St Mary’s House on Saturday March 15th at 7.30pm. Admission £6. For more information please ring Julie ... read more
Swalcliffe Monday 24 February 2014
Dates for your diary: Monday, 31 March: Lent Lunch at Swalcliffe Grange by kind invitation of Barbara Taylor, 12-2pm. Just come along and have a ... read more
Epwell Monday 24 February 2014
On 30th March we will be holding our Mothering Sunday service at 3.00pm. The children of the village will be getting involved by reading poems and ... read more
Sibford Monday 24 February 2014
Ash Wednesday – 8pm Holy Communion and the Imposition of Ashes; come and start Lent “properly”. Churchwardens will be elected at our APCM on April ... read more
Tadmarton Monday 24 February 2014
The Church Council met on Monday 26th January and discussed the heating proposals for the church. The PCC plans for commemoration of the 1914-18 War ... read more
Shutford Monday 24 February 2014
The PCC met on 11th February to review activities over the Christmas period and to prepare for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) on 10th ... read more
Tadmarton Tuesday 21 January 2014
Plans to increase heating with under-pew warmth (like Epwell) are going ahead. The Festive Season services were well attended. The Christingle ... read more
Swalcliffe Tuesday 21 January 2014
We enjoyed a talented choir at both Midnight and Christmas Day services – thanks to Alan and all singers. We also Carol Sang round the village and in ... read more
Sibford Tuesday 21 January 2014
50 people took part in our “pincer movement” Carol Singing which converged on the church for warm refreshments. We also raised some money which ... read more