Broughton news

On September 9th the annual Ride & Stride took place and this year Simon Leech ran approximately 22 miles to visit churches in the area. If you have not yet sponsored anyone it is not too late to do so get in touch with Neil Howarth who will pass on your Donations to Simon; remember that 50% of what we raise will come back to the church. A very big thank you to Simon for volunteering and also to those who manned the Church to welcome the Riders & Striders.

The Harvest Festival service was held on Sept 16th with a Bring & Share Tea. All the well known Harvest hymns were included and the choir sang an anthem. The service was taken by Ronald and during his talk he produced a large map of the world and asked the congregation to place on the map stickers to show where our food comes from. The service was well attended and everyone enjoyed the tea and the fellowship.

The Friendship Club will meet on October 2nd in SMH at 2.30pm. Do come along for a cuppa and a chat; who knows what subject will come up?

On October 6th in SMH there will be a Village Tramps’ Supper; 7pm for 7.30 there will be a Prize for the best ‘Tramp’.