August News

What a fantastic variety of animals turned out for the Pets service in the church. The dogs, hamster, rabbit, gecko and guinea pigs (and picture of fish!) all behaved themselves impeccably and each received a special blessing. Great cakes followed the service!

The visit by the Theatre Tent from the Oxford Playhouse was a wonderful community event with various dramatic activities, a bike to pedal to power the music system, parachute games, wonderful teas and cakes, and an evening BBQ. The weather was kind after a wet morning and the recreation ground was positively buzzing. Well done Chris Hurst for your huge amount of organisation, and to all those who helped you make this such a great day.

Preceded by the Village Harvest Supper on the Friday evening, the Harvest Festival service will take place on Sunday 13th Oct at 5pm. Everyone is most welcome and any donations of produce will be much appreciated.