Epwell Monday 6 March 2017
Another Big Breakfast has been cooked and consumed – February 18th, with all the fired goodies you can imagine newspapers, and even Buck’s Fizz. What ... read more
Epwell Wednesday 1 February 2017
It was wonderful to have so many people visiting the church over the festive period for a variety of occasions. Thank you to the Wingfield-Digby ... read more
Epwell Tuesday 1 November 2016
What a Harvest! The church was wonderfully decorated with flowers from the regular arrangers and from the Epwell Gardening Group; a congregation of ... read more
Epwell Saturday 1 October 2016
On Sunday 30th Oct there will be a Taizé inspired worship in the church at 6.00pm.The Taizé community, ... read more
Epwell Thursday 1 September 2016
On July 31st the occasional ad hoc Epwell choir sang beautiful music for the July choral evensong including the Nunc Dimittis by Geoffrey Burgon made ... read more
Epwell Saturday 6 August 2016
Epwell commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme at 11am on 1st July, to lay a wreath of English summer flowers, and keep a ... read more
Epwell Wednesday 1 June 2016
At the recent PCC AGM, thanks were expressed to all those who have supported St Anne’s in so many ways – with refreshments after the service, flower ... read more
Epwell Tuesday 1 March 2016
We held a coffee meeting one Saturday to discuss the care and maintenance of the churchyard. We reached decisions which seem to please most people ... read more
Epwell Tuesday 1 December 2015
We held a Taize service in November, and 20 of us enjoyed candle-light, simple prayers, and beautiful chants. Do ... read more
Epwell Monday 2 November 2015
A lovely Harvest Service, with young people involved, and Alasdair Lowe of Farming Community Network (and Epwell!) speaking. Everyone enjoyed ... read more