Epwell Tuesday 21 October 2014
Christmas Bazaar will be in church on Wednesday Nov 26th from 5.30pm until 7.30pm. It's an excellent opportunity to buy early Christmas cards and ... read more
Epwell Wednesday 1 October 2014
What a WONDERFUL Flower Festival commemorating WWI. Huge thanks to all those who so thoughtfully and sensitively decorated the church so beautifully ... read more
Epwell Monday 1 September 2014
Party in the Field: Despite some amazing thunderstorms on the Thursday and Friday, the weather on Saturday was perfect. Dawn, Dominic and the family ... read more
Epwell Wednesday 2 July 2014
Party in the Field: it's time to dust off those cowboy boots and dosey-doe on down to Epwell's very own "hoedown ". Everyone is welcome to join us on ... read more
Epwell Saturday 31 May 2014
The Father's Day service this year is on Sunday 15th June at 10.00am. Everyone is most welcome and as usual there will be coffee and cake available ... read more
Epwell Monday 28 April 2014
Looking back, what a wonderful contrast to last year's icy cold Palm Sunday procession around Epwell Village. This year the sun shone as more than 60 ... read more
Epwell Monday 31 March 2014
Maundy Thursday – Stations of the Cross at 8pm - a lovely, peaceful devotional service. Please come along and join us for the traditional Palm Sunday ... read more
Epwell Monday 24 February 2014
On 30th March we will be holding our Mothering Sunday service at 3.00pm. The children of the village will be getting involved by reading poems and ... read more
Epwell Tuesday 21 January 2014
We were delighted to have large congregations for all the Christmas services – Christingle, Nativity, Carols round the Tree and Christmas Day. Plans ... read more
Epwell Wednesday 27 November 2013
The PCC would like to say a huge thanks to Lin and her Epwell Elves for their hard work in making the Church Bazaar a resounding success. It was a ... read more