Working in Ghana

Emma Hodgkins, daughter of churchwarden John, is going to Ghana on 19th of April for two months to do voluntary work. She will be involved in a building project, medical care, conservation work and teaching.

Emma would be grateful of the support and prayer from the church through her journey. She would also be incredibly grateful of any donations people could make. Donations could come in the form of crayons, coloured pencils,writing pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, glue, paints, Sellotape, stickers, chalks, note books, maps, posters, story books, felt tip pens, colouring books,coloured paper, word search books, sudoku, wool, fabric, embroidery sets, knitting needles, toys, clothes, odd sock, skipping ropes, blowing bubbles, tennis balls; anything that you may think suitable for her journey and for the children in Ghana.

Donations can be dropped off at her house in Shutford, which is just up from the church. Alternatively, give Emma a call on 788 609 for her to come and pick them up - or leave things with Ronald.