Shutford Tuesday 21 October 2014
The Harvest Festival and Supper were well attended. The Supper and Sale of Produce raised £400 to be shared between the church and the Church Urban ... read more
Shutford Wednesday 1 October 2014
A successful Songs of Praise was held on 31st August with 23 villagers and visitors enjoying the hymns chosen by members of the congregation. ... read more
Shutford Monday 1 September 2014
The Midsummer Festival in the Manor Field raised £1,100 each for three village organisations including St Martin's Church. The event was well ... read more
Shutford Wednesday 2 July 2014
LOTS of fun was had at the amazing MIDSUMMER FESTIVAL and the hugest of huge thanks and pats on the back go to ALL the organising committee for such ... read more
Shutford Saturday 31 May 2014
The Beetle Drive held on 10th May raised £140 for church funds. Fewer children than hoped joined in the fun but all who attended enjoyed the evening ... read more
Shutford Thursday 29 May 2014
We are delighted to present a fun packed day and evening of festival enjoyment in the village of Shutford, on Saturday 21 June in The Park Manor ... read more
Shutford Monday 28 April 2014
A successful Lent Lunch was held in Shutford on 14th April raising £265 for ... read more
Shutford Monday 31 March 2014
The Annual Parochial Church Meeting was held on 10th March with 9 people attending. John Hodgkins and Ken Jeffs were elected to serve another year as ... read more
Shutford Monday 24 February 2014
The PCC met on 11th February to review activities over the Christmas period and to prepare for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) on 10th ... read more
Shutford Tuesday 21 January 2014
The Christmas carol singing around the village was cancelled because of bad weather but 20 villagers came to church to sing instead. The Christmas ... read more