Sibford news

Thanks to all those who turned out to sing for Syria in the Ferris. We had a lovely group with brass accompaniment (one of whom was just 9 years old and has now mastered two carols!) and we even had special guest singers with dog who had just flown in from New Zealand! A special thanks to Sally and John at Holmby House for seeing us on our way with a glass of Christmas Cheer and to  all those who offered us mince pies and refreshments and apologies to anyone who we didn’t manage to visit. Thank you to those who contributed so generously to our cause – we were delighted to raise £165 by Singing Carols for Syria. We send you good wishes for 2017 and hope to see you carol singing next year! Carolyn White

And to this splendid total we added £125 from The Gower, plus Swalcliffe’s Carol spectacular collection, and Tadmarton’s, and Sibford’s ... and have sent over £900 to this worthy charity.

So a really HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed or helped in any way.