Sibford news

Church interior: There are some proposals about making changes to the interior of Sibford church. If this interests or concerns you please do go into church, look at the pictures provided by Nigel Fletcher, which give a flavour of what the proposals might look like, and take away the document giving more details. You may also view the pictures and the document via the links below. These are proposals/ ideas/ thoughts and certainly not decisions or firm plans. We welcome comments and feedback and there is paper and a notice board for you to use for this purpose. We shall discuss this further at the Church AGM which will be on Saturday April 29th at 10am - you are ALL invited to come.

Youth Group: One reason we'd like to make changes in Sibford church is so that we can create some space to provide a Youth Group; we had some meetings with young people during the summer months, but the dark venue, the change of schools, and the midweek timing meant this has fizzled out. I believe we can provide table tennis, some other games, tuck shop, chat, maybe craft sometimes, maybe a "godly" discussion sometimes. On a Sunday tea-time, 5.30pm – 7pm, in church, every week if we have parental support for a rota. Would this be of interest to anyone? Let me know? This will be open to any young person from throughout the Benefice in school year 9 or above.