Sibford news

The plans for creating a kitchen and toilet at the back of the church are slowly progressing and we are about to apply for a Faculty and commence fund-raising.

The Millennium Panels: Evey Boughton is working with the Diocesan Advisory Committee to gain a Faculty to leave the Millennium Panels in church permanently – we need a Faculty (Church Planning Permission) to do this. The Millennium Panels are now hanging in the church for anyone to see.

We have had a large piece of guttering on the north side of the church come adrift. Sadly, as it is wear and tear, there are no Insurance funds to help repair it – and the bill is towards £2000! Still, we need to be water-tight.

The hot weather affected the striking of the clock a couple of months ago. One of the weights had dropped off and vanished down a hole in the floor. Thankfully David Soden is so slim he could get down the hole to retrieve the weight and put it back on with a lock nut to hold it securely.