Thanks for Sunday Funday

Thanks from Della in Swalcliffe re the SUNDAY FUNDAY on September 8th:

Hello again lovely Swalcliffe Folk, I would like to give a massive thank you to

  • The weather for behaving for the crucial 3 hours during the Funday
  • Richard and Sarah for allowing us to use their electrical and water supply
  • Mike and Barbara for letting us use their fields and all sorts of stuff
  • Aileen for manning the entrance (ooh er)
  • Gay and Virginia and Caroline for doing the tea stall
  • Sarah and her mum for doing the ice-cream stall
  • Sarah's brother Phil for doing the Music
  • Colin for doing his technical wizardry
  • Phil Shearer for being the "Man with the mike"
  • The right honourable Reverend Ronald for whizzing in to introduce the Funday before he had to whiz back out again
  • Richard and Rachel Argyll for doing the bar (welcome back to the village by the way)
  • Arian and Rob for the Bar B Q
  • Peter for doing the Mystery field list
  • Mick, Kate, Jenny, Trish, Jonathan, Cathy, Mike, Martin for doing their various activities
  • Lorne for organising the Tug of war
  • Jonesey for lending us his rope and Gazebo
  • Gerry for directing the traffic
  • Anna and Dave for the Dog/children agility
  • Every body that baked a cake (or bought one)
  • Victoria for lending us cups etc for the tea stall
  • Doug for making Splat the Rat
  • My father for making the Limbo frame.

If I've forgotten any one - I apologise. But most of all I'd like to thank all of you for turning up and joining in and making the day a success.