Swalcliffe Friday 1 June 2018
How wonderful to see all Ronny's paintings and flowers filling the church for Art Week. The new stairclimber for disabled access was in use three ... read more
Swalcliffe Tuesday 1 May 2018
The APCM was held at the end of April and reports about the state of both building and finances were received. Churchwardens and PCC members were ... read more
Swalcliffe Sunday 1 April 2018
We have now purchased the stairclimber and huge thanks are due to Colin Hill, Cathy Stoertz and the Parish Council for very generous donations ... read more
Swalcliffe Thursday 1 March 2018
We have had several demonstrations of different types of stairclimbers to enable access up the steps to the church for wheelchair users. There is one ... read more
Swalcliffe Thursday 1 February 2018
What a simply wonderful Christmas celebration we had this year! A huge thank you to all those who took part in and helped to make the Carols and ... read more
Swalcliffe Friday 1 December 2017
The Christmas Market will take place in Church on Saturday 2nd December from 12 noon to 3pm.  Local produce, crafts and gifts, wreaths, raffle.  BBQ ... read more
Swalcliffe Sunday 1 October 2017
More Tea, Vicar? A big thank you to Ronald and Liz for a wonderful afternoon of superb organ playing and a delicious cream tea. The atmosphere was ... read more
Swalcliffe Thursday 3 August 2017
Several families came to the Pet Service recently, bringing with them what could only be called a whirlwind of excitable dogs! Many thanks to Chris ... read more
Swalcliffe Saturday 1 July 2017
At long last after many weeks of planning we have wireless broadband available in the village. SugarNet, ... read more
Swalcliffe Thursday 25 May 2017
It seems a long time ago now but a lively Lent Lunch was held with Gay and Martin at Tyne Hill. Many thanks to all those who contributed food and to ... read more