Swalcliffe Wednesday 2 July 2014
The main item of interest is to invite you ALL to the TOTALLY TROPICAL evening on July 19th – please see the poster…and book your tickets…and to ... read more
Swalcliffe Saturday 31 May 2014
The plans for the kitchen and lavatory inside the church are progressing steadily if not as fast as we might hope. It is amazing just how many worthy ... read more
Swalcliffe Monday 28 April 2014
The Maundy Thursday service, complete with the washing of feet, was well attended and we all shared in Stripping the Altar at the close of the ... read more
Swalcliffe Friday 28 March 2014
Plans to create a toilet and kitchen inside the church continue to develop, and we have had a number of archaeologists, topographical surveyors and ... read more
Swalcliffe Monday 24 February 2014
Dates for your diary: Monday, 31 March: Lent Lunch at Swalcliffe Grange by kind invitation of Barbara Taylor, 12-2pm. Just come along and have a ... read more
Swalcliffe Tuesday 21 January 2014
We enjoyed a talented choir at both Midnight and Christmas Day services – thanks to Alan and all singers. We also Carol Sang round the village and in ... read more
Swalcliffe Wednesday 27 November 2013
Plans for the creation of a toilet and a kitchen inside the church are actually proceeding quite well! We have an enthusiastic architect, some ... read more
Swalcliffe Sunday 27 October 2013
Another splendid Harvest Supper was held in the Village Hall on October 19th with every seat filled, and a gourmet supper enjoyed by all. Wonderful ... read more
Swalcliffe Wednesday 18 September 2013
Thanks from Della in Swalcliffe re the SUNDAY FUNDAY on September 8th: Hello again lovely Swalcliffe Folk, I would like to give a massive thank you ... read more
Swalcliffe Monday 19 August 2013
The Ukrainian accordionists Igor and Oleksiy delighted their audience of some 75 on Tuesday July 23rd with their technical brilliance and amazing ... read more