rev ronald Writes

Saturday 14 October 2017

At the recent Clergy Chapter a retired vicar muttered to me “Not much to be happy about in the world today”. We can look at recent natural disasters, wars and conflicts, man-caused horrors like Grenfell Tower, and appalling terrorist attacks in this country and throughout the world, and sadly agree with him.

Then again you could look at the totally amazing part of the world in which we live, remember the goodness and kindness of the local communities and all they do to make like good. You could give thanks for those friends and neighbours who put themselves out for you, and rejoice that our local school pupils are cheerful, hard-working, and by and large lovely young people.

There are many things wrong in the world, and they need attention, love, care and prayer. But there are many things right with the world too – even (maybe specially) where people have materially very little. Bad News sells newspapers, but there is daily evidence of Good News too – the Good News that God loves each and every one of us, and wants us to reflect that love into the world right where we are.

Let those who have ears and eyes look and listen.

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