Holy Week 2021 - Daily reflection

Reading: John 13 v35

Jesus said,  “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Reflection: How do we show that we care for someone? How might we show that we love someone else? It is, I would suggest, not just found in the words which we might speak, but is visible in and through our actions for each other. These actions don’t necessarily have to be visible to anyone else, but of course everything we do is visible to God. Each night at the Rectory I sit down and say what is known as evening prayer and as  part of that short service, I include in my prayers everyone who lives and works in our villages. Now I don’t know everyone personally in the community but by doing this, I show to myself and to God, that I have love for and care for everyone within it. Some people are able to show their love and care by physical and visible acts of kindness, whilst others who sit at home might want to take a moment to pray for their neighbour, for their street, for their community around them. However we might show it, to be his disciples, Jesus says, we are to have love for one another.

Revd Neil