Holy Week 2021 - Daily reflection

Reading: John 13 v15

Jesus said, “I have set you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you.”

Reflection: Today is Maundy Thursday when we remember the time when Jesus sits down with his friends at what is known as the Last supper. During the supper Jesus did something which had everyone who was sitting around look on in almost disbelief, he gets down on his knees and washes the feet of those who are with him, those who were sat at the table alongside him. Now the washing of someone's feet was often done in households in the time of Jesus, when people entered from being on the dusty road after a long journey, but it was not a job for someone of Jesus’ status or standing.

What Jesus made then very clear in what he did, the example that he set, was that no one should see themselves as being better than anyone else, that we are all brothers and sisters, that we are all equal. At a time when some of us might be having to continue to self-isolate and all of us are being asked to socially distance ourselves from each other, we might feel at times distant from each other, not just physically but also in our thoughts. What Jesus gives to us is an example of how we are not only all equal, but also that we are all interconnected, even though we might be apart physically, we are all one body, we are all God’s children.

Revd Neil