Holy Week 2021 - Daily reflection

Reading: John 19 v30

Then Jesus bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

Reflection: Today is Good Friday, the day that marks the moment when Jesus was crucified, when he bowed his head and died. It is a very powerful moment, a moment when all seemed lost to those who were his disciples, those who had stayed to watch and those who could no longer look on and view the agony unfolding. It was a dark moment, a moment through which it was hard to see what could possibly happen next. There was great uncertainty, worry and anxiety.

A time that some might say mirrors what is happening in our world today. If nothing else the crucifixion shows to us that Jesus suffered and he died, his fragile human body was like ours. He shares our pain and he shared the dark moment of what was then the perceived finality of death. If it was to end there then where would be the hope, where would be the light in the darkness, where would be God’s love? Good Friday reminds us starkly of the fragility of human life, but also the powerful thought and belief, that in and through his death, Jesus not only opens his arms upon the cross to embrace us in our suffering but also opens up to us the hope of eternal life.

Revd Neil