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Coffee mornings raised over £800 in 2012

The final Coffee Morning in the year's series took place on 8th December at Silver Birches, Backside Lane, Sibford Gower, the house of Brian and Eleanor Joynes. With their customary flair, Eleanor and Brian hosted a magnificent occasion in their lovely house with numerous choices of coffee, the most delicious home-made food imaginable, a bumper raffle and more home-made goods for sale. They were rewarded with an exceptionally good attendance (the Joynes hospitality is getting well known) and it was a great social occasion. The financial result of £178 when added to the other seven such occasions during the year produced a substantial total of £842. Apart from the coffee mornings in the houses of Peter & Judy Abbott and Brian and Eleanor Joynes the remainder were all organised in the Church by Churchwarden Evey Boughton to whom is due not only great credit but the grateful thanks of us all. In addition to the financial aspects these near-monthly events provide for much fellowship and enjoyment.