Sibford news

Once again Holy Trinity Church was awash with flowers for Easter. Thanks go to all who helped decorate the Church. Thank you, too, to the Primary School children for both their excellent Easter Service, and also for the loan of their beautiful Easter Art-work. Easter Day Service was well attended.

Is there anyone among the Sibford congregation who is willing to join the "assistants" list at Holy Communion Service? If so PLEASE contact the Rector. It's not a hard job - but you don't get paid!

At the APCM at the start of April the whole meeting agreed that we should proceed with our plans to make some changes to the interior of the church. We want to create a space towards the rear, where there is already the Children’s Corner. We want to create a better kitchenette. We hope to install a toilet. We want to level the floor throughout so that disabled people and those not so steady on their legs are safe and included. We want to create more space around the altar, and some useable flooring there.

What we do NOT want to do is remove all the pews, nor turn this pretty little Victorian church into something it is not. We want it to remain “Sibford Church”.

This whole process will be slow and probably costly. We shall approach the Diocese and ask if our ideas are acceptable. Then we shall have some plans drawn, and formally apply for a Faculty (Church Planning Permission) to do the work. If this is granted we shall commence fund-raising. Every single one of you has a say in this matter – this is “your” church. As soon as there are any plans they will be placed in the church – where the door is open every day – and you can go in and have a look, and always quiz the PCC about the ideas.