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June news

There was a glorious spring clean in church on June 8th including vigorous carpet cleaning; we now need some new underlay and the carpet fixed to the floor.

Polly Preedy spoke most movingly and inspiringly at the service on June 9th. She described her illness, her miraculous healing, and her call by God to serve the homeless people of Banbury—something she has done now for a number of years. Even as she was speaking to someone about how “the Lord will provide” (for she relies entirely upon charitable donations) a young visitor from Uzbekistan, a Muslim, in church with his mother, handed her a large bank-note. But that was only a coincidence, wasn't it!

The Wednesday choir, which has been meeting for a couple of months now, plans to sing Choral Evensong in church at 6pm on Sunday 14 July. Our short rehearsals are mainly enjoyable! If you fancy joining us to sing a huge variety of music - not all of it religious - you would be very welcome, 6pm on Wednesdays, in the church.

We have been discussing our pattern of services and believe we are ready for a few changes. We think (until YOU tell us otherwise) that we will stick with 9.30 if it is a morning Holy Communion service, but we shall vary the content, so that we are not on 'auto pilot'; there is a huge variety of prayers, confessions, creeds, and so on and it would be good to be less staid and predictable. The BCP service will be unchanged - again until YOU protest!

We shall have a non-communion service at least once a month - on the 2nd Sunday at 10am - called Morning Praise; we shall sing more hymns and songs; we shall use cds of music groups as accompaniment sometimes - as well as using the organ; we might have Bible study instead of a sermon sometimes, or a thought-provoking discussion. Prayers will be more flexible and varied in style. If children and families join us there will be lots of jobs to be done, and we can include everyone. You are ALL always welcome. We will also organise four or five afternoon services during the year - for Harvest, Mothering Sunday, or a Pet service, and will have lots in these for children to be involved with; so watch out for the posters giving fuller details.