rev ronald Wrote

Thursday 21 March 2013
I bet you remember the parable of the Good Samaritan? The man beaten up by robbers and left for dead; ignored by the religious leaders but cared for ...more
Monday 18 March 2013
On Easter Sunday, all the mid morning services will be Family Communion services, and I want to assure you that children of all ages - 0 to 99 - are ...more
Monday 11 March 2013
Messy Church logo
Messy Church is now very well know throughout the country – a time when parents and children can ...more
Friday 8 March 2013
I am fortunate enough to be attending all the Benefice Lent courses, and it is wonderful to find that a total of 47 people are taking part in these ...more
Wednesday 6 March 2013
Back to Church Sunday is a national campaign to try to get people to at least set foot inside their ...more
Tuesday 5 March 2013
There’s a word guaranteed to strike fear in anyone’s heart when it is yelled at them. Cardinal Keith O’Brien will have heard it muttered in his ...more
Monday 4 March 2013
During the sixteenth century, people returned to the mother church: the main church or cathedral of the area, for a service to be held on Laetare ...more
Friday 1 March 2013
Do you ever say those words when you bid farewell to friends? Do you manage to actually do it? Keeping in touch is so important … keeping up to date ...more
Thursday 28 February 2013
It is hard to believe that, although slavery was outlawed over 200 years ago in this country, it is still a very live issue in the world today. The ...more
Wednesday 27 February 2013
Hasn’t it been cold here recently? And muddy. “Mudfordshire” I described it to friends back Dahn Sahf in Hernia Bay. But the snowdrops have cheered ...more