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Epwell Sunday 1 December 2019
Gospel Bell Concert: A big thankyou to all the performers who entertained us and filled the church with such a rich variety of music. The songs ... read more
Epwell Friday 1 November 2019
Please join us for the Remembrance service on Sunday 10th November. We will gather in the village square near the war memorial at 10.55am and begin ... read more
Epwell Monday 23 September 2019
Harvest Festival Service and Supper - Friday 11 October at 7pm. Please join us in St Anne’s Church for a lovely and short service and afterwards for ... read more
Epwell Thursday 1 August 2019
On Sunday 29th September there will be a Taizé inspired worship in the church at 6.00pm. The Taizé community, ... read more
Epwell Monday 1 July 2019
Whoops! Apologies to Nigel Prickett, who I called Nigel Fletcher in the last edition, and who kindly brought his donkey to the Good Friday procession ... read more
Epwell Saturday 1 June 2019
It was another lovely occasion on Palm Sunday to process around Epwell with Nigel Fletcher’s donkey and many people from other villages. Those of us ... read more
Epwell Wednesday 1 May 2019
At the recent APCM held on 1st April, thanks were expressed to all those who have supported St Anne’s in so many ways – with refreshments after the ... read more
Epwell Monday 1 April 2019
Holy Week begins with the Palm Sunday service (14th April) when the procession round the village before the service is traditionally led by Percy the ... read more
Epwell Friday 1 March 2019
Our Mothers' Day service takes place on Sunday 31st March at 10.00am. Please come along and help us celebrate and give thanks, with the promise of ... read more
Epwell Friday 1 February 2019
It was wonderful to have so many people visiting the church over the festive period for a variety of occasions. Thank you to the Wingfield-Digby ... read more