rev ronald Wrote

Monday 11 February 2013
Here is the newly updated Deanery Prayer Cycle which has an intention for every Sunday until the end of the year. I will put some hard copies in all ...more
Tuesday 29 January 2013
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Giving things up for Lent so often seems a struggle. And WHY give up chocolate anyway? What good is that to anyone else except yourself? If you need ...more
Saturday 19 January 2013
I have just been out in my little car for a tour of the Benefice so I can "speak with authority" about the road conditions etc. The Banbury-Shipston ...more
Saturday 19 January 2013
I've just received the latest ...more
Thursday 17 January 2013
Liz often finds interesting articles to read, and so here are links to two such; they are both worth reading, and will make you think This is a very ...more
Wednesday 16 January 2013
If any of you fancy a good night out and a great deal of fun may I recommend you follow the link below! ...more
Wednesday 19 December 2012
So will sing the congregation at the start of December’s Benefice Service of Confirmation and Licensing in Swalcliffe church; a charge to open hearts ...more