rev ronald Wrote

Sunday 21 April 2019
This month we celebrate Easter. Jesus rose from the dead to give you and me the promise of eternal life. Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies are both ...more
Saturday 16 March 2019
Fighting Climate Change Lope and his wife Eva remember what it was like when Super Typhoon ...more
Wednesday 6 March 2019
Stop the world, I want to get off is a musical with music and lyrics by Newley and Levant, and is ...more
Friday 1 March 2019
Do you ever take up reading for Lent? There are many Lent books available, usually divided up into a reading for each day of Lent. It begins on March ...more
Thursday 14 February 2019
17C painting by David Tenniers of St Valentine kneeling in supplication
Almost everyone in western culture celebrates Valentine’s Day, though unfortunately without considering the fact that he was a saint. While there is ...more
Friday 1 February 2019
Shutford in the snow in February
I wonder what weather February has in store for us in 2019. Whatever the weather we, as proud Brits, will be talking about it. I gather the Beast ...more
Tuesday 15 January 2019
I would like to publicly thank those MANY people who helped make our Christmas celebrations so rich and meaningful: Those who cleaned and polished ...more
Monday 24 December 2018
His name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Lots of you will know those words from ...more
Monday 19 November 2018
What a fabulous conclusion to a very special day! Weren’t we blessed with amazing weather? – little wind, an orange crescent moon sinking in the sky ...more
Thursday 15 November 2018
At Christmas time we celebrate the birth of Jesus, given to bring hope, love, peace and justice to a broken world, but for millions of people this ...more